A Little Drive About

Yesterday, Saturday, I had plans to check out the snow along one of my favorite rivers, well, it didn’t happen. We, Eli and I, headed out to the Slate River to hike up the river and get some photos of all the snow. Once we got there, Eli decided he didn’t want to go into the snow, though I can’t really blame him, it was quite deep and he’s getting up there in age. Also I’m not sure how I would have done in the snow with my leg issues. So it was probably for the best.
So, from the Slate River I headed up to Big Erik’s Bridge and the Huron River. Too much snow there to be able to hike back along the river.
With it still being early in the day, I thought a drive out to Herman and the Herman Nestoria Road, the usually get pounded with snow and is really pretty. Well, that wasn’t the case. They did have quite a bit of snow, but I think the winds had knocked all the snow off the trees, so the drive was just that, a drive through the woods. I didn’t even take a single photo through there.
After getting back to about half way between Herman and L’Anse, I thought, what the hell, I’ll take the loop from Indian Rd then loop back to where we started, the Slate River. I missed the turn, or just didn’t see it, off of Sliver Rd that I had taken before, so continued. Oddly enough, the road I was on ended up looping back to Arvon Rd, then back down to the Slate River. Roads change in the winter, you can never tell which ones will be plowed, and as it turns out, I took the correct one.
After that, we headed back home.
I was still good to get out of the house, I needed it.

Today will be a day of some ice and snow cleanup before it gets colder this afternoon and turns everything into concrete. Then comes the snow again, they’re calling for 6-8 inches for my location. After that’s done, nothing. I’ll be relaxing and maybe watch a movie if I can find one I might like.

Eli on the two-track near Slate River

Slate River

Huron River from Big Erik’s Brdge

Silver River from Silver Rd

Sun Burst Through Snow Layded Pine

Shoulder Cat

I was outside working on this fucking roof, then the kitty came up to me so I went to pet her, next thing I knew she was on my shoulder.

This fucking roof has so much heat loss, I’m weekly, if not sooner, having to chip and salt ice along the eves. I can only work for short periods of time due to my leg issues. To add to this crap, this time I’m up on the roof and I don’t like that at all.

Fixit Parts

Yesterday I got my parts to fix the Subie and the snow blower. While looking at UPS tracking, I noticed that the shipment that had my car part was out for delivery is Lansing, MI… WTF? It turned out that it was just late leaving Lansing for up here. UPS came around 11:00 AM with the snow blower part, but that was all, no Subie part. I checked the tracking again and it said out for delivery here and will arrive by 9:00 PM. I thought, Okay, that’s good, as I do know they come by here twice, once late morning and then in the evening. Well, I was letting Eli out and noticed a big U-haul truck stuck and sideways at the end of my driveway in the road. I went out there and it was UPS, but this driver had never been down here before and didn’t know that the road isn’t plowed often and also didn’t know he could have pulled right into my driveway. I gave him a shovel to use and after about an hour he was on his way again. At least I got my package. Knowing putting on the part for the Subie would be quick, I went ahead and did it. Now I can drive again.
Today I’ll get the snow blower fixed. That will take a little more time, as I have to take more apart and back together. I plan to go grocery shopping to, I’ll out of coffee.

Update: Well, the cable I ordered for the snowblower was too long. Crap! I called Pelkie Outdoor Power Equipment and sure enough, they had the right cable. I saw in their window that they are a Troy-Built dealer. Not sure if it’s an old sign or not, buy at least they had the part.
Now the snowblower is up and working again. If only I could walk without major pain, I would enjoy snowblowing again.


It’s nice sunny and warm out today, so I went out and just stood in the sun for a bit. While I was out there, I saw the cat out by the shop, so I started walking over to it. I couldn’t get close at all, but I did see it peeking out from under the shop meowing at me. I went back and got some food to put in it’s bowl that I have been filling every other day. When I get back out to the shop I shook the container of food calling the kitty. Sure enough, she, yes I think it’s a female, came right out. Now that she has met me, she’s really friendly. She’s a small kitten, I think she just a kitten.

Rough Day

The snow storm brought only 6″ here, but it was still enough that I needed to clear the driveway. That’s where the issues began. First of all, my leg, it fucking hurts like a motherfucker when I get walking back and forth. I have to come back into the house to rest my leg and by the time I sit down, I’m almost in tears from the pain. Then more bullshit. The damn cable that engages the drive wheels on the snow blower broke. After multiple jerry-rigging attempts, I got it to work long enough to get the driveway cleared. It took me close to 5 hours to do the drive, with all the stops I have to take for pain, and to do the rigging up the cable. I’ve order a new cable from Amazon and it will be here Wednesday. It’s time like these, among others, where I really wish I had someone to talk to.

Also, I’ve been off from work on PTO and holiday time for 6 days, and not once have I been out to enjoy myself and relieve some of the funk that’s in my head most days.

More Outages

Lost cell service and cable internet/TV around 8:00 PM last night. I just got cell service back, but still waiting for cable.
I heard from the mail lady that both services are area wide.

So what does one due while all communication is down?
Rake the snow off the roof.

I also worked on the Subie a for a while. I got the exhaust partly back together.

Update: Cable TV and internet are back up. I called and they said that a fiber cable was damaged, and that’s why the whole area was out.


Since Wednesday during the snowstorm, I have talked with Spectrum internet and cable no less than 5 times about their lines. Two of the talks I called them, and the other three were them calling me. Every time we talked they said there had been an outage and it has been restored, and every time I tell them it’s not an outage, it’s their line that is hanging almost to the ground. Behind the quonset in the woods, the line is just as bad. A tech is coming out today at around 1:00 PM, but he is just a tech and not a linemen, I know this because I’ve had him out many times about my service going in and out. Oddly enough, I do have service now. The tech has told me that the line needs replacing and he has put in a service call to do such, but it never happen. I lose service if the wind blows, if it gets warm out, or if it gets cold.
We shall see if anything gets done today.

Other news… I got the snowblower working again. It was a rock that was jamming the impeller and stopping it from rotating.
I can’t do anything about my car due to everyone is still closed for the holiday. :/

Thanksgiving Post 2

I got the driveway cleared, but only after having to shovel the very last bit. Something has clogged my auger on the snowblower and making the auger belt smoke. I’ll dig into that when I feel like it, it shouldn’t be a big deal.
I looked under the Subie and found out I’m fucked. I need a new Y pipe because when I hit what ever it was, it banged against a U-clamp and in the process it disconnected it self and also broke the mounting point on the driver’s side muffler. I can get a new Y pipe for under $100, but getting on is a different story. At this point I don’t know what I’m going to do.
After all that crap, I got something to eat and sat back to take a nap. Then the sun came out. I couldn’t stay inside, so Eli and I went for a walk around the property and took some photos.