Hunt For Autumn Colors

Went out yesterday looking to Autumn colors, starting on Covered Road. Covered Road runs from a little outside of Houghton on to Redridge, it’s a pretty drive, but I don’t see how the colors would show due to it being too covered with very tall trees. I then drove into Freda, turned around and took Freda Crosscut Road which heads south east toward Toivola. I took quite a few two-tracks off of the Crosscut Rd., got lost a little, then made it back to M-26. From there I went a little more south and turned on Emily Lake Rd which turns into Pike Lake Rd. Along Pike Lake Rd. I took quite a few stops at the numerous lakes to get some photos. Then on home the back way via Baraga Plains Rd to Menge Creek Rd.
During the day’s drive, I came upon an interesting farm building. A local I know on Facebook to me this about the build…
This is in the Toivola area near the former Heikkinen School. Barn is typical of southeastern Finland near the Russian border and Karelia which I believe now is a part of Russia but once was a part of Finland.
At the end of this post is a video of the drive from Baraga Plains Rd down Mange Creek Rd to home. I’m uploading the video again, first one got corrupted during the upload….

Farm Building

Farm Building and Barn

Clear Lake Autumn Colors

Clear Lake Autumn Colors

Clear Lake Autumn Colors

Headwaters of Pike Lake

Short, Turned Long, Drive About

After grocery shopping and mowing around the front of the house (that’s about all I can do with my bad hip), I went for a “short drive”. It was too damn nice out to just sit around, so I asked Eli if he’d like to go for a ride, stupid question, of course he did. I was going to just drive out Herman Rd and come back, but instead I took a turn on a two-track that went on for ever it seemed. The Autumn colors are really starting to pop out that way.

Beaver Dam holding the pond back from the road. Hard to tell from this photo, but I took this looking straight out my window and the water level is just about as high as my window.

Start of Autumn Colors

It’s The Weekend

Yeah, another weekend with nothing planned. I need to go grocery shopping this morning, but other than that, nothing. Thinking of just staying around the house this weekend, as I have two four day weekends coming next week and the next., also thinking of taking the end of September through the first week of October off. Even if I do take all that time off, I’ll still have three weeks worth of time to take off before losing it.


Trying to figure out what days off I want to take before the end of year. I have a little over 4 weeks to kill or I lose the time. The upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, mean nothing to me anymore, so when to kill the time off? Even time off doesn’t mean much to me now, but I hate to just let it go to waste.


Not knowing where I wanted to go today, I headed for the Keweenaw. At first I was thinking of heading south/southwest, but thought I would wait for the Autumn color to kick in. We, Eli and I, sat on the shore of Lake Superior for a good hour just watching the waves and enjoying the late summer sun.

Lake Superior Shore

Big Betsy River

Northwestern Road Round Trip

Not knowing where I wanted to go yesterday, I decided to head out onto Northwestern Road again. I enjoy taking this road, it’s very remote with some challenging rocky hills and deep forests. The only wildlife I saw was a couple deer, though I was hoping for moose because someone was just on this road and got a photo of one. Oh well. At one of the rustic bridges, over Cedar Creek I believe, the water was flowing over the bridge due to either a beaver damming it up or just debris blocking the flow under the bridge.
Other than the nice drive out in the woods, not much else going. Today I’m just taking it easy, but plan to head out again tomorrow somewhere.

Pea Can Falls

Pea Can Falls

Water Over The Bridge

Yard Sale


It Figures…

Yeah, hardly any sleep tonight. I went to sleep around 10:30 PM and woke¬† up around 12:30 AM, a whopping 2 hours of sleep. I’ve taken a hot shower, that usually helps me get sleepy so I can take a nap.
This morning I need to take the wheels off the Subie and get things taken apart ready for when UPS arrives with my brake pads and get them installed. If all goes right, I should be able to go grocery shopping later today, that is if I’m not too tired from the lack of sleep.

Update:  I have good rear brakes again! I only replaced the rear, as the fronts looked good. Took the Subie for a quite run down the road to test it, and all is good. I had the wheels off this morning and all ready for UPS to arrive with the new brake pads, but of course they were much later than normal, not arriving until around 3:00 PM. Installing the new brake pads took all of about 1/2 hour was all, and that includes putting the Subbie back on the ground and cleanup.