Garden Work

I’ve been digging, digging a lot. I’m in the process of digging up sod in a smallish area next to the garage. I hate having to pull out the push mower just for this one area, so I’m removing the sod and going to plant wildflower seeds. That has been a hard enough job, but I also have to move three pussy willow plants that keep getting eaten by deer, rabbits and they get hammered by the snow sliding off the roof. So, to move those willows to where I want them, I needed to remove two Rose bushes, I don’t care for them in that location and there is already a rose hedge. Removing the roses was a real trick, I had to use a tow strap and the lawn tractor to pull the fuckers out.
Anyway, I have a little more that half the sod dug up and two of the willows (not sure yet where to place the third one) transplanted. I’m fucking beat!

Area of sod removal

Area of sod removal

Pulling the rose bushes out

Pulling the rose bushes out

Pulling the rose bushes out

Warm Spring Hike Along The Slate River

Was a nice day for a hike in one of my favorite areas, the Slate River near Quartzite Falls and a number of other falls up stream, including one of my favorite spots of all, Grand Staircase Falls.
I drove up Arvon Rd. to All Wood Rd, crossed the bridge and parked. I started off checking out Quartzite Falls, but it was still mostly frozen over still, so I hiked back up to the road and started heading up stream, this was my original plan anyway.
I followed a deer path knowing it would be packed down. Every time I happen to step off that path, I sank in the snow past my knee. Then as I rounded a bend in the river, there it was, my spot, Grand Staircase Falls. Took off my gear, took some photos and just relaxed.

Grand Staircase Falls – Slate River

Quartzite Falls is still mostly frozen over

Along the Slate River

My Hiking Path along the Slate River

Roads can be muddy this time of year

Yard Work

10:30 AM and a sunny warm 51°F and rising fast.
I have half my yard work done and hauled to the burn pile. Trying to do as much as I can in the open non-snowy spots. I have to roll it down early before the snow gets too soft to pull the cart over it, as the snow can still be close to 2 feet deep in areas.

Update 3:15 PM – Well, I got quite a bit done today, on a day I didn’t know what I was going to do. I got an area that needed weeding and cleaning since moving here, the pile from earlier, and raked up some sections of the back yard that didn’t have snow but did have quite a bit ( a winter’s worth) of dog shit and bird seed shells. I even got the lawn tractor out to cut down some weeds in the earlier spot that needed cleaning up.
Not much more I can do at this point in time, too much snow on the ground. Either way, was a pretty productive day and I feel good about it. Tomorrow I think I’ll go check out a waterfall or two.

Path down to burn pile

Snow depth of 22.5″ at the burn pile

Garbage News

Yeah, news about garbage. To make a long story a little shorter, I have an out building (barn) full of household trash/garbage. Now the reason for this is part laziness and part no garbage pickup in this area. So since owning the place, we started out just being here every other weekend, so we just put the garbage in the barn. Then we moved here and kept forgetting that Saturday is the day to take the garbage down the road to where a truck is for a couple hours for everyone in the area to drop off their garbage at $2.00 a bag. So as time went on, the garbage was piling up, and up. Well, after calling many places for either curb-side pickup or dumpster drop-off, everyone said no, they don’t do that. So today thought I’d call KBIC again to see if they would/could do something for me, and they said yes. Yay! They can’t drop a dumpster off until the first week in May, but that’s fine, it give the ground some time to dry and firm up where it will be place. The real good thing is the price, $100 total for the drop-off and pickup.
This is the best news I’ve had in close to a year.

Grizwald – Update

Griz has been going outside the past couple days through the front, unfenced driveway, in fact, he seems quite happy about it. I think he may have had a small stroke that is affecting he leg, he tends to drag it a little, but when he’s outside and moving more, he does swing it a bit and walks better. I know his time here is limited, but I would like him to make it into summer so he can enjoy walking a little in the tall grasses and such, he loves that so much. Now that he’s going out more, he does seem happier.

Grizwald – He never has liked his picture taken, and his face here shows it.