Too much pain to sleep, was up a midnight. My stomach is bloated and in pain making it quite hard to take a deep breath. Sorry for putting this out here, but I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it right now and just need to say something.
Update – Feeling a tiny bit better, but still not good. I wish I felt better, I’d love to go out for a drive or something.

Wanted To…

I wanted to get out and about today, but just not feeling that well. The past couple days I’ve had a hard time breathing, as if my stomach is full. So, I’m trying to get a few things done around the house slowly.
Also, the damn weather forecast was for temps pushing 50°, well it made it to 43° at about noon, but it’s been dropping since and now down to 39° at 1:30 PM with a cold breeze out of the east.

Update – Well, it did warmup and reached 50°, so I sat outside for a bit. While sitting outside, I fell asleep in the sun, it felt great.

New Phone

Yes, I have a new cellphone, a Samsung Note 8, and it’s Sweet! With the new phone, I can now have a proper UP number with a 906 area code. I’ve had a Note 4 for quite some time now through work, it’s a great phone, but it was time for a new one, and thanks to some circumstances, that I wont go into, I have this new Note 8. The 8 is quite a bit different from the 4, but so far all in a good way. I need to get a good case for it, but I have one picked out so next week maybe. Thank you, I love it.


Trying to be productive today. The weather is great at the moment, with sunny skies, temp at 34°F and rising. Forecast is to get cloudy later today, so I’m going to try and get some things done before the clouds roll in. I feel like I should get out and away from the house, maybe later in the week, I have things I need to do here. The sunshine seems to help me feel a bit better, so hopefully it will last through the day.

’till next time…