Install Day

I get proper internet today. Charter Cable will be here between 8:00 and 9:00 AM to set things up. Not since living in Alaska have I had good high speed internet. This is kind of exciting. lol

First Night Of…

Sleep! Yes, for the first time in probably over 2 months, I got some sleep, still only about 6 hours, but that’s at least 3 hours more than before. I didn’t get up until around 3:00 AM. That’s a good sleep for me.
I plan on getting out and about for a bit today, but I also need to go to the store for some screws and such.

Update – 4:45 PM

Went into town, Houghton, today, but on the way I took the long way, out Menge Creek Rd past the house. You could be lost out there! Taking right hand turns, knowing that this would take me back to somewhere near Baraga. I was correct, I came out right next to the Drive Inn.
The following photos are of Menge Creek Road.

Yay, A Whooping 2 Hours

Yep, that’s all the sleep I got tonight. I have no idea what is up with my sleeping, or lack of sleeping, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Oh well, not like it really matters.
Looks like we might have our first coldish night, it’s down to 29° at 12:30 AM and dropping pretty quick. We’re forecast to get to or above 50° today, that’s close to normal for this time of year.
I have so much to get done today, but not sure how much I’ll be able to do with this lack of sleep, but at least with it being Saturday, I can nap during the day. I would like to get out and about at some point this weekend for the fall colors, as this will most likely be the last of it. We’ll see I guess.

Updated… 2:00 PM

Well I did get some things done today, and it’s only 2:00 PM. The weather station got an extension of 6 more feet, so it’s now about 20ft tall. I got real lucky while hammering down the spikes, it came out perfectly level right off the bat. Got my log bed frame put together and had to turn my mattress 45°, I thought it felt funny. Also got the last couple of items I wanted inside the house from the quonset, one table and 3 trunks. Took out a bunch of empty boxes to the quonset. Oh, and I got my surround/back speakers mounted on the wall. The wire isn’t ran yet, just along the floor and under rugs, but I have enough wire and stuff to run them where I want.
Oh yes, and one more thing. I washed some more windows.
Still lots to do around here.

First Snow

First snow of the season and first for me here at the new house. We only got 0.5″, but still it’s the first.


Other than the snow this morning, not much else happening. I did end up making a loaf of bread and chicken curry for dinner. I guess that’s it.

First Snow

It’s One O’clock And Time For Lunch – dum dee dum dee dum

Not really, I got up at about 12:30 AM…Again, though it’s about 3:00 AM now. I don’t know, I don’t know why or what I’m even posting or what to say, just thought the title was, I don’t know. I guess I really don’t have anything to say this early morning, so here’s a photo from yesterday of the quonset hut without all the ex-owner’s crap around it.

Quonset Hut

So Tired, and Other Things

This not sleeping has got to end, and end soon. I’m so fucking tired. I’ve tried just about everything, but no matter what I do, I only sleep for about 3 hours. I get up, watch some TV, drink some coffee, take a shower, and then, and only then, I can take about an hour nap.
Anyway… Yesterday was another rainy day making a 3 day rain total of 3.8″ of rain here at the house. Around 10:00 AM UPS came and the driver said that Houghton was starting to flood again, so knowing I needed to go to the dreaded Walmart, I headed out before the weather got any worse. Before even getting to the main road, I crossed over Menge Creek, and it was over flowing it’s banks, as was the next unnamed creek. I got to the main road, US-41, and the waves were crashing onto the road with logs and such right at the edge of the road. The drive all the way to Chassell was a slow one with heavy, heavy rain. Just past Chassell, there were police with their flashers on marking an area where water was flowing over the road and a front-end loader was pushing dirt and rocks off the road. About 2 miles further, the same thing. Once in Houghton it didn’t look too bad until I saw one of the downtown road that was just repaired a week ago starting to wash away, again. I did my shopping and headed for home. US-41 was getting worse in those same two spots with MDOT at the seen. The waves seemed to have calmed down a bit where they were crashing onto the road earlier. Thankfully the heavy rain didn’t start back up as was forecast, so things shouldn’t be too bad.
One more thing… the pellet stove. I got a quote for 1 ton of hardwood pellets delivered for $235.85, that’s $4.00 per 40lb bag (50 total bags) plus delivery charge and tax. That seems pretty good to me and under the cost of what I’ve read. Something else I never thought of about using a pellet stove, they are worthless if the power goes out. The damn things need power in order to work. I found this out because later yesterday we lost power twice.

Update… I just ordered 2 tons of hard wood pellets. That’s 100 40# bags. They will be delivering it today at 2:00 PM. Pretty fast service.
According to the stove manual, one 40# bag should last 24 hours burning at the middle setting (5). Now, that’s over 3 months worth of pellets burning 24/7. I have no plans to burn that much, and definitely not at night, so I think this could last me through most the winter, we shall see though.

Added a photo looking out toward the back of the property. The gazebo is in the center of a circle of birch trees.

The back of the property

Not Feeling It

Not sure what’s up, but I can’t seem to get anything done today. I’m just feeling sad with too much running through my head. I’m on the edge of crying. Maybe because this house is so dark inside, the paint is all a dark brown. I’d like to brighten it up, but being color blind I have no clue. I plan on getting some lighter colored curtains, but I still haven’t found one of my tape measures to measure the window openings.
Word on Grizwald… He went outside earlier to pee and poop, so that’s good. He still hasn’t eaten anything, and I haven’t seen him even drink any water.


Giz isn’t doing well today. He shit in his bed earlier and now he wont get up to eat, or go outside. He’s been doing okay since we moved here, walking around outside, able to go down and back up the 4 steps off the front deck. Today he just seems lethargic, not wanting to move at all. I know what I need to do, but I need someone to talk to.