Bad Day

Just having a rough day. Too many things are breaking me down today, simple things. It’s a nice day outside and I saw my first dove here.

Update – I went for a drive, felt I needed to get out of the house. I drove out Arvon Rd until it hits Indian Rd then Herman Rd and home. Was a nice drive with some quite heavy snow on the trees near Herman. I feel a little better now to.
Oh, and the Subie got it’s first car wash.
I took some photos, but I guess I’ll get around to them sometime.

Big Ol’ Cordwood Barn

On my way into Houghton for shopping this morning, I decided to take a little detour. I drove down Sturgeon River Road just be for Chassell. Interesting road and area, it runs along the river and at times very very close, but what’s really interesting is the farms and old settlements. There’s some history back on this road that I need to find more about. At the very end of the road is an old settlement with a very large cordwood barn. Very cool!

Surprise Snowfall

Woke up this morning, opened the door to see if it snowed, and boom, I had to push snow with the door to open it. We got 5.5″ of snow last night, with another inch today. Now there is an advisory for tomorrow for up to 9 inches. The snow was very light and fluffy though, so it was an easy job shoveling and clearing the drive.
Other news, so of. I’ve been looking for tires for the Subie, the ones on now are not very good and pretty warn out. I think I have some picked out, but not sure about being able to afford new tires. I keep working the figures and I come out just fine, but $550 isn’t easy and I need the damn tires. I looked at them when I bought the car and they seemed fine, but now that I’ve had it home and have really given it a much more thorough go over, I see I need fucking tires. One of the tires looks like it might even have a tube, at least that’s the way the valve stem looks. Fuck!

Cold Feet

I have got to find some warm slippers! I’ve always had issues with cold feet, but this house is the worst, the floors are so fucking cold. I wear felt liners sometimes, and they work, but they are very slippery even on rugs. I’ve looked at felt slippers that have a rubber sole, but they want over $100 for the fucking things. Felt really does work for me because they breath and don’t make my feet sweat. Just not sure what to do.

First Drive

Yesterday I went for my first real drive in the new Subaru. I headed up for the Keweenaw. The weather was quite gloomy, but that really didn’t matter, I was mainly giving myself time to get use to how a Subaru drives, and I have to say, very very well. I drove on pavement, sloppy snow, ice and then some climbing in snow and ice. This car is very impressive. I went to the end of US41 in Copper Harbor and say that the road out had been traveled, but I just wasn’t ready to give that a try yet, so I headed on down the shoreline. When I passed the road that heads up to Brockway I noticed tracks heading up, but I still wasn’t ready. Finally after stopping for photos along the shoreline, I came to the back entrance  to Brockway, I passed it at first, then said fuckit, I’m going for it, so I turned around and headed up. Following the few tracks heading up, a couple spots I did hesitate, but continued. There was not one single spot this Subie had any problem, it just goes and goes. At the top of Brockway was really cloudy and kind of surreal without anyone else around and during winter. Now it was time to drive back down, so I first put the Subie into Sport Mode (the gear shift can move to the left from drive, that puts it into Spot Mode and allows for tighter gearing), though that was still letting me roll to fast for the snow and ice, so I put it into Manual Mode (from Sport Mode, you can down shift and up shift which places the Subie into Manual Mode). This did the trick going down the steeper parts of the drive down. After getting back to the main road, it was time to head home.
All in all, I think I’m going to be very happy with this Subaru, and even with working it quite a bit I averaged 28 miles per gallon.
I do realize that thick mud and very rocky areas will be out of the question with the Subie, but I’ve been thinking, do I really need to go into the mud? No I don’t, besides, it’s a pain in the ass to clean off.
I need to figure out a name for the Subaru.

Top of Brockway

Heading Down From Brockway

Bleak and gloomy Lake Medora

Keweenaw Shore

Keweenaw Shore

Snowy billion year old lava.

New Subaru Forester

I got a new car today, a 2013 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium. I’ve been shopping for quite a while, but whatever I looked at either cost too much or was a piece of shit. Then, while looking again at a local dealer’s website this Subaru popped up. I went and test drove it the other day, got the loan from my bank the day after, then today I picked it up.

It’s a little dirty already because of the drive home in the snow, but there is zero rust and in great shape inside and out.

New Live Feed

Today I did some light sanding on my first shelf, then gave it a good thick coat of polycrylic. This is my first attempt at doing this, but I’m quite happy with it. Now I know what I need to do with the rest.
The other thing I did today was to put up another webcam, and this time it really is a live streaming webcam.
You can access it here:
The camera is pointing south from my shop.