Exploratory trip complete

What a trip! We left Michigan Thursday morning, arriving in Anchorage at about 2:15pm and back home Monday at about 10:30am.

Anyway, the trip was very successful, though short. We stayed in Girdwood, rainy Girdwood. First full day we drove north up to Palmer over to Wasilla then up into Hatcher Pass, as far as we could anyway. While in Wasilla, we stop at Lowe?s so my wife could talk with the HR department. She was offered a job on the spot! Unfortunately, they wanted her to start in 2 weeks. We just can?t be back in AK that fast. But it does sound promising, they ask Jan (my wife) to get her transfer papers filled out and sent. Later we drove back to Anchorage and explored a bit and had dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse, Yummy. Second day, Saturday, we drove south into the town of Kenai then over to Seward.

The main reason for coming up was to check with the HR department at Lowe?s and prices of things. I have to say that the cost of goods, groceries, furniture, gas, all that kind of stuff, is about the same as here in northern MI. In fact, some cost less. There is no doubt at all now about our move.

A couple of things I didn?t expect. One was the intensity of the sun, how hot it felt on your skin. The other was how small Anchorage ?felt?, more of a town feeling then a city.

Below is one of the many photos I took.

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