Glacier National Park

Another day another day of travel. That being said, even with rain at times, it was a great day. We left Great Falls at about 10:00 am and arrived in Hungry Horse around 4:00 pm. It was only about 250 miles, but a lot of it was through the Rockies and pulling a trailer with 6000 lb’s we had to go slow in many areas. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but that’s ok, we have 2 full days here in Hungry Horse to explore. We will be going up “Going To The Sun Road” (look it up, you’ll see what it is), tomorrow or the next.

Anyway, the pics for today aren’t the greatest, as are most I’ve taken due to driving and clicking the camera from behide the wheel, scarry at times, hehe haha yahoo.

In other news, it sounds like I’ll be working for LTBB again once we get settled in Alaska. It will be a contract agreement to keep the LTBB Website up-to-date. Helps me out with a bit of money while we get settled, always a good thing eh.

Just a reminder, click the pic to get the bigger picture.


A Bit’o’snow

Click Quick, Corner Coming


Jan With Her Truck

Mountain Needles?

Passing Train

Peak Taking a Peek

Until next time,
Laters all

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