Photos From Yesterday

On with the story from yesterdays travel.
We made it down from that 6 mile, 9% grade Waterville hill and arrived in Leavenworth. We stopped in a KOA to talk with someone about the next leg of our travel, through Stevens Pass. Well, the lady we spoke to was really surprised we went down Waterville hill, saying they hate that section and never drive it. She, and her husband, reasured us that Stevens Pass was nothing like the hill from Waterville, only a 4-5% grade down. With that, we pressed on. They were right, the pass was much easier than Waterville. Thank you KOA.

We arrived at Burlington KOA just after dark to sleep the day’s trip off.

Friday the 18th we board the ferry to Whittier Alaska.

These are the photos I took yesterday. We weren’t able to stop anywhere, so all these are while driving.

Dust Devils. We ended up driving through one, that was a bit a strange feeling, made the Jeep wiggle around some.

Click this image and see how many Dust Devils you can count.

A Meteor? Probably Not.

The Following 6 Are Passing Through Armour Draw.

Just A Couple Of Barns.

Douglas Washington

The Next 10 Shots Are of The Scarry Bit We Drove Down At 9% Grade From Waterville. It doesn’t Look Like Much, But It Sure Was!

This Is Coming Through Stevens Pass Down The Mountains Toward Seattle.

And Just For Fun, An Old Ford Falcon

I thnk that’s it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again due to no internet conection on the ferry. At the very latest, I’ll be posting from our new home in Wasilla, AK sometime the week of the 22nd of September.

Until then, happy trails and keep the shinny side up.


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