Day Trippin’

Today we finally took the time to do some sight seeing. We had a great day, nice and sunny with highs in the 50’s. Couldn’t be much better. Our first idea was to head up to Hatcher Pass, but I looked online this morning and found that it had been closed as of Friday the 26th (yesterday) due to snow, so, we headed out to the Glen Hwy.

The Glen Hwy. runs through the Matanuska Valley and traces the receding glaciers responsible for this rugged part of Alaska. Some of the peaks reach heights over 12,000 FT as you drive along the Matanuska River. The views were spectacular, in both directions, it would have been way too long a drive to make the circle through Glennallen, Delta Junction, and up to Fairbanks and back. Anyway, along the way they are doing some major road constrution, as in blasting through some mountain sides, so we had some waits along the way. Was well worth it though.

We turned around at Sheep Mountain. This area is part of a volcanic system, where molten minerals surfaced in specific places about 150 million years ago. Right here at Sheep Mountain hydrogen sulfide and hot water mixed with limestone and created Gypsum. This gives the mountain it’s colors.

And on to the photos from today.

Views along the Glen Hwy

Matanuska Glacier

Sheep Mountain

… Up Close

Guess that’s it for now
’till next time

Thanks Eric and Norm 🙂

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