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So I got up today and started sanding down our log bed that I yet have to finish, Jan started cleaning the house. We both got to a point where we needed a rest, sat down for a bit, then I asked; we should go up to Hatcher Pass to let the dogs run. We got dressed warm, we knew it would be cool up there, and headed out the door with the dogs.

Driving up there were lots of cars heading up and down the pass road, it seemed like every spot to let the dogs run was taken. While driving up we passed a small dirt cutting off to the right called Archangle Rd. We continued up Hatcher Pass rd. to where it ended, for the season anyway, and turned around. There were quite a few people with sleds and skis hiking up a bit further to the snow. Anyway, while heading back down we turned onto Archangle Rd to see where it went.

Well, Archangle Rd is one bumpy ass, potholed road, but wow, was it beautiful. The road passed a couple old gold mining camps and follows the Archangle River. We drove to just about the end and got out. We were at 3400 FT and above the tree line. The area we were at was in a bowl, sort of, and didn’t have any snow, but it was all around us. So we started walking up into the open area with the dogs, man what a wonderful area. The whole area was floored with berries. We walked for a bit then I realized I had forgotten my camera, damn. Walked for a bit more but the sun was starting to go behind the mountains so we desided to head back home. No mater what, we will be back up there come next summer.

Only a few photos today due to me forgetting my camera up there.

Looking down to Matanuska Valley, where we live

The end of Archangle Rd.

Heading back down

Guess that’s it for today
Remember…Do what you love, love what you do


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