Trailer Sold And A Bit Of Exploring – I thought

’twas a good day.

A few days back we decided to sell the cargo trailer that got our stuff here. Put it on Craigslist then in the local papers. We got 2 responses yesterday and 1 today. The guy today is moving back to Texas after 16 years and said this is the perfect size, same size trailer he moved here with. He bought it on the spot! YaY. That’s the really good news. I thought it was sold, but he didn’t follow through. Damnit!

Earlier in the day we went off to explore again. Headed north by northwest to see what we could find. We drove across and along the Little Susitna River, really quite a nice area. Drove up Moose Meadows Rd. Until the end. Wow was there a lot of moose tracks up there. At the end of the road was quite a nice home, looked to be off the grid, but really nice. Took some photos of the area there.

We had quite a bit of time and sun left in to day so we thought we’d drive up the Glen Hwy a bit, again. Made some stops at spots we hadn’t before. It’s just so beautiful everywhere you look. I don’t think I will ever get tired of the sights, as you can see by the photos from today.

We then came home and Jan made a wonderful dinner…Yum!

On to the pictures…

Jan at the end of Moose Meadows Rd.

End of Moose Meadows Rd.

Little Susitna River

Matanuska River

Jan at Matanuska River

Kings River merging into Matanuska River

Just for fun, Road Sign

’til next time

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