Knives, Guns and Bibles

Went out to Chimos Guns yesterday to look for a sheath for my Marble’s Knife. I found online that they are a dealer of Marble’s Knives. Walked in the door and greated by a guy wearing a side arm, still not quite use to see that. Asked him about the sheath for my knife and he said “oh, you have an Marble’s, one of the best knives made.” Then he asked where I got it at and I told him I’m from Michigan and it was my fathers. It turns out, he is from Gaylord MI and that is one of the reasons he carries Marble’s. The store it self looks really nice, lots of good things there. Anyway, he told me to get in contact with Simply Rugged, they make all thier holsters and sheaths.

We also had our first “bible thumper” come by today. Opened the door, said no thank you, not interested, and slammed the door shut. Not that I dislike religion for those that want to be part, I just can’t stand the people that push thier religion on you. If I wanted it, I would seek it out.

Following are the knife and hand gun that need some covers

1880’s 35 Cal Smith & Wesson

’til next time
Laters Ed

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