Bit’o’Sun and Solstice

So as the days get shorter and shorter, I’ve sort of starting counting the day until the Winter Solstice. As of today, it is 17 days away. On that day we will have only 5 hours and 27 minutes of daylight. But, that is the shortest day, and from there on out, the days start getting longer. I am looking forward, though I know it’s a long ways off, to summer, mainly because we haven’t been here in the summer yet.

Cooked up some ribs today, damn they were good. I have to say that the cost of meat, and the meat it self, is quite a bit cheaper and better than back in Harbor Springs/Petoskey. We had about a 4lb. rib roast for Thanksgiving, it was only about $25, back in PTown it would have cost around $40.

Bit’oSun on the mountains at about noon today

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

p.s. as you can see, I have made my thumbnails a bit larger. I like it.

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  1. Hi Ed, Look forward to checking in on your blog, great to hear you’re getting the kind of winters that you always talked about. Bummer about the snow blower, I know you would like to think that one over again. We have also been enjoying a much earlier winter than usual. Tonight’s been the coldest yet and that’s only sixteen, not very cold by your standards. Great pictures attached to the blog. Also enjoy the
    Nephler weather station. We had our first snowday last Monday. Keep us updated. Best to your family. norm

  2. Very nice job or your Blog Ed and your photo work is first class…

    Enjoying Alaska are you…?

  3. Thanks Norm and CC.
    Life here so far has been great. Really looking forward to exploring more and more. Just so much to see and do.


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