Photos, Photos, and more Photos

Went out again today because it was just way too nice to stay in. I took a lot of pictures today. I just wish they could show just how beautiful it really is here. It really is breathtaking.
I’m only going to post a few at a time, I have 17 that I have ready, so that the posts wont be too large.

The only way this day could have been better is if Jan could have been with me. She had to work. 🙁

Raven watching over the Matanuska Valley with Granite Peak on the right

Image at 1680

Matanuska River with Kings Mountain right of center

Image at 1680

Buffalo Mine Rd., looking up the Matanuska Valley

Image at 1680

From Buffalo Mine Rd., I think this is Eska Mountain

Moose Creek

Image at 1680

’til next time

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