A Measly 12 Minutes

Yes, just 12 minutes of actual game play, summing up all the ‘snap to whistle’ intervals, of the 60 minutes (not in huddle, not calling signals, not including other time that the clock is running and play is not going on….etc.) is a measly 12 minutes out of the three or so hours of NFL Football. Lame ass if you ask me. If you ask me, it has got to be one of the most boring games on this planet. Funny name to, Football, mostly played with your hands, with an occasional kick here and there. Football should be played with, let me think, your feet. I know I am in the minority in my thinking, but wouldn’t it be a better game if they got rid of some, if not all, of the damn padding and play without so many fucking stops. Half of these players are so fucking fat and out of shape, there is no way they could ever compete in any “real” sport.

As you can most likely tell, I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and never watch puffball during the regular season. Season, what a joke, they only pay what, 16 games. One per week. Lame!

I wont even get into the parents that wont let their kids play this lame game, thinking the kid might get hurt. That’s what life is you dumb asses.

I do have to say, this halftime show with “The Boss” was most likely the best I have seen. Sure beat the past few years crap.

As I type this, the game is about to end, and I do have do say this has been one of the more exciting games in years, though still way too long and too may stops. Zzzzzz

There, game’s over, 6:10pm, after a start of 2:00pm.

Oh, and one more thing. It’s really quite nice being able to watch, as much as I did, the game at a reasonable time of day. You see, here in Alaska, we watched the game in the afternoon, not in the evening/night.

I ran out during some of the so-called “game play” to shoot these.

Looking out back this evening

’til next time

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  1. Yvonne Walker Keshick

    You mentioned football in the feb. o9 note. and I just wanted to say; When my son jacib was in highschool 6ft 4, 280 pounds he started foot ball practice. he agreed it was hard work and risks would be taken but the thing that really changed his mind about playing football is when his brother John Keshick Jr. (who also played foot ball in school)said to Jake’ You have to decide if you want to f—up your body for the entertainment of white folks.’ needless to say Jacob did not play. If he had played I would have supported him and screamed at the sidelines to show support. funny game. yvonne

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