Had To Get Out, Sunny Day, Again

Made pancakes for Jan and myself this morning, yummy.
It started out cloudy, slowly cleared with little ice crystals falling from the trees, really cool looking. Middle of the afternoon, Jan was about to head off for work, the skies were clear, so I decided to head out myself. Just had to, way too nice to stay in. Living up here that’s one thing you really need to do, get outdoors, otherwise, with the long winter, you’ll go nuts, although I haven’t had any problem with the cabin fever. I get outside and enjoy this wonderful land.

I wasn’t really planning on going far today, just head up to Hatcher Pass. On the way there. I looked on my GPS and saw road to the left that looked good, I took it. Not really too many photo opportunities, but still a nice drive with nice views. After taking my detour, I headed up Hatcher Pass, just to check things out. Drove up, sat and watched for a while, then drove back home. All in all, a nice out-in-about.

Some photos from today.

From my detour, Edgerton Park Rd.

Following are from Hatcher Pass
Snow machines making their mark, High Marking.

Extreme Skiing anyone?

The climb

Fog in the valley

’til next time

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