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Had the day off, needed to do things around town, like getting groceries, depositing pay checks, picking up dog food, and of course, taking a couple photos.

Was another great sunny day, highs reached 44*F at the house, not too bad for the first day of spring in Alaska. I do wish a bit more snow would melt away, but considering we are still getting down to around 0*F at night, it’s melting pretty good. Roads are clearing up from the ice cover, though lots of slush and puddles. We have a couple trees with some good size buds popping out, that’s nice to see. Daylight is getting longer and longer, length of visible lightfor today was 13 hours 43 minutes. It’s getting dark at home here at about 10pm, that’s when it’s really dark, no twilight left.

Now here is some crap; Gov. Sarah Palin is refusing to accept more than 30 percent of the federal economic stimulus money being offered to Alaska, including dollars for schools, energy assistance and social services. Now I can understand some of the reasoning behind refusing some of the funds, but what the hell is she thinking when the percentage that’s being refused is for schools, energy assistance and social services? Are the kids not worth the money? Social Services, na, we don’t need those either, and energy, well gee wiz, no reason to look into more energy is there.
From KTUU TV: “As a result of Gov. Sarah Palin’s announcement that she will reject a large portion of federal stimulus money available to Alaska, the Anchorage School District won’t be getting about $26 million in federal funds it was expecting.” No, no state need more money for schools, nah. What the fuck is she thinking? Ah, the hell with it, can’t change her, she thinks she is the next GOP biggie.

Enough of the ramblings. I hope to get out tomorrow with the dogs and get some more photos somewhere, just not sure where I want to go.

Photos from around town today.

Matanuska Peak from behind Mat-Su Hospital and across hay field

Part of Chugach Mountains from behind Mat-Su Hospital. Left to right; Poineer Peak, Mount POW/MIA, and Twin Peaks

Pioneer Peak from Home Depot parking lot

Wasilla, corner of Parks Hwy and Palmer Wasilla Hwy from Home Depot parking lot


’til next time

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  1. Ed, don’cha know she (Palin) didn’t mean that she wouldn’t take the money, she meant the legislature should talk about it, then she can say it was their idea to take it, not hers. Funny how things change when she has had a few days to hear what people say, then change the wording…What you heard is really not what I said kind of thing… Have a good one!!! 🙂

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