Another Update, Why Not.

Well, the last eruption was last night, none so far today, though the day isn’t over yet. Last nights eruption had an ash cloud that is estimated to be at least 50,000 ft above sea level based on NWS radar.

At home, we’ve had a pretty nice day, it reached 51*F with mostly sunny skies, with grey in the clouds to the southwest.

As for Redoubt’s eruptive status, geologists said it appears a dome is building in Redoubt’s crater. The dome, they say, could collapse and trigger another eruption.

The difficult thing with these dome-building eruptions is it is very difficult to give short-term warning, because these things can go unstable and fail very quickly, putting an ash plume up to significant heights,” said Stephanie Prejean, a geophysicist.

A similar dome-building episode occurred on Redoubt when it erupted in 1989 and 1990, according to the AVO. The mountain erupted a total of 20 times.

The AVO’s best guess: Redoubt is not finished yet.

Here is a snowmoble path through some of the ash fall.


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