Yep, More Eruptions

There were 3 more eruptions, 2 last night around mid-night, and the other at 8:40am. We were under an ash watch for a while today due to those, but I didn’t see any. It’s snow a little right now, has most the day, but the temp is pushing 40*F, but haven’t seen any ash in the snow, it’s all whte. The Seismicity at Redoubt has increased a bit in the past hour, we’ll see if anything be comes of it. It has been too cloudy today for any views from the webcam, or anywhere else for that matter, of Redoubt.

This is the first day, for a while now, that has been very overcast all day, low grey clouds with wet snow flakes. I hope it clears a bit so I can get some photos this weekend. I don’t mind a few clouds, even mostly cloudy, it makes photos more interesting. Can’t even see the mountains today, with the clouds laying so low and heavy.

Well, as I type this, another eruption has happened.

From AVO:
2009-03-27 18:01:14
At approximately 17:35 AKDT (01:35 UTC) another explosive eruption occurred at Redoubt volcano. National Weather Service reports an ash cloud height of 40,000 feet above sea level.

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