So What’s Up?

What’s up? Well here, another work week has come and gone. Had some good days at work, good full days of hard work. I have to say, when we are working hard and doing lots of stuff, it feels damn good. I’m working with 12, I think, others, ranging from 18 to 50 years of age. There is only one lady that is older then I am, and that is only by a few months. Us old folk, the 45 plus, do most the work, and out of all of us, I truly think I’m in the best shape. There is only 3 of us that are even over 30, one seems to call in sick half the time, and the other, can hardly move, though he does do one hell of a job and we work well together.
Most of the “kids” just don’t have the work ethic, and all they talk about is some damn video games. I asked two of them today why the hell don’t they get outside and do something and get off the fucking games. The only answer I got was, “because they are fun”. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but damn, when I was a kid I was all over the place, tromping through swamps, seeing who could walk the furthest out on the lake ice before braking through, all sort of things. I know we didn’t have the video games back then, but I really don’t think I would have played them to the extent the kids do now. And yes, I blame the parents, it’s their fault, they don’t push the kids outdoors and off the damn games. You can tell a couple of these kids I work with to do something and they just stand there, looking into space with no response at all. My boss had to tell one of them to “stop standing on the fork lift” at least 8 times today. Sometimes I just want to smack them across the head and ask, “is anybody home?” At the same time, they can be fun to piss around with some times. They just don’t understand. Kids!

Enough of that rant. On to something else. Just more shit I guess. 🙂

I am in a good mood by the way.

Redoubt has, well, stayed the same for the past few days, with no major eruptions, in fact, AVO has lowered the Alert Level to Orange (Watch). Last time they did this it erupted within the next 12 hours. Guess we’ll see eh.
I need to add one more comment about the Volcano, well, not really the volcano, but oil storage. Who are the brain dead people that thought placing an oil storage facility, Drift River Terminal, with 6.3 million gallons of crude oil, at the base of a volcano, a good idea? They need to be shot!

One more quick note. We are up to Length Of Visible Light: 15 Hours 09 Minutes. As I type this, it’s 9pm and still lots of daylight left.

I hope to get out with the dogs this weekend and get some photos at the same time. To fill the gap of area photos, I’m posting a couple from last October that I haven’t posted before.

Knik Arm from KGB Rd.

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

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  1. I wonder if they got any of the oil out. The last I saw was that it was postponed until this past Monday, due to a generator, or pump or something being fixed after she blew again Saturday.

    I don’t know that I would want to be ‘parked’ offloading oil if she blew bad…

  2. I guess they did take 3.7 million gallons out from the terminal. I heard last night that they don’t know if they will operate the terminal again, think it would be wise to keep it shut down for good.

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