What A Day For A Hike

Title says it all, just damn nice today, clear skies with a temp reaching 78*F! Yes, 78*F in Alaska, and in May to boot. The big difference is that there really isn’t any humidity, only about 25%, so you’re not sweating like a pig.

Did a bit of yard work, then headed out with the dogs for a hike, and what a great hike it was. We headed over to Palmer then down to Butte to hike up Bodenburg Butte. I’ve been wanting to do this hike for a while now, today was the day. The Butte is only 800 feet high, but still reaches above the tree line, and the views, well, the following photos show some, but you really need to be there in person, it’s just amazing.

I’ll post some more from today tomorrow.

Knik Arm and Matanuska River

Knik Glacier

Old Glen Hwy

Pioneer Peak

Views from the summit

Bush plane..kinda cool standing above the plane as it goes by. I love the big balloon tires.

Alaska Forestry Plane

Trail heading out.

’til next time

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