Redoubt Update

Finally getting a bit of some badly needed rain today. Other then that, I just damn tired from work, though been getting some overtime. 🙂

I’m hoping if the weather clears up a bit, the next few days should be great for some sunrise photos. The sun should be rising over the moutains around 5:30am, just as I’m driving to work. We now have twilight rising at 4:48am and setting at 11:23pm. Nautical and Astronomical twilight doesn’t set or rise, meaning, light all the time.

Redoubt is acting up quite a bit again. This is from AVO:
“The eruption of Redoubt continues. Seismic activity remains elevated, with nearly constant volcanic tremor detected at the summit. Clear webcam views today show vigorous steaming from the summit. Ongoing rockfalls have re-mobilized small amounts of ash into the air at lower elevations around the summit.

An explosive event could occur at any time with little or no warning. AVO continues to monitor Redoubt’s activity 24/7.”

Redoubt yesterday

’til next time

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