I Am Only A Lawn Mower, You Can Tell Me By The Way I Walk

The title comes from a Genesis song, “I Know What I Like” from the album “Selling England By The Pound”. I used that as a title is, one, it was one of my favorite albums, and two, it’s fitting for what I did today. I mowed the lawn. It was sort of nice to mow the lawn, really, it was. The lawn we have here is much smaller than what we had back in Harbor Springs, much smaller. That is a good thing! The lawn we had was way too big, too much grass to mow and too open. It’s nice to be tucked in at the end of a road surrounded by trees. We have neighbors, but you don’t feel like they are looking over at you, as was the case in HS. The trees seclude us nicely. The open area of the yard is covered by the sun just about all day long, and as it is now, from about 4:30am through and after 11:00pm. That’s a lot of sun!

Anyway, after mowing, Jan and I just sat around outside enjoying the wonderful weather we have here, a high of 78*F with mostly sunny skies and NO humidity, that’s what makes it so great. Jan headed off for work about 3:00pm, I sat down for a bit, and thought, damn, I need to get out. I grabbed the dogs and went to the other side of town down a little back road that has some nice views, let the dogs run while I took some photos.

Tomorrow we both have the day off so we’re heading over the Eklutna and Eklutna Lake. We were there last fall, but haven’t been back. There is some really nice hiking trails that go around the lake, and the whole area is surrounded by mountains. It’s part of the Chugach mountain range and is the largest state park in the US, half-million (500,000) acres. Eklutna Lake in Chugach State Park

Should be one great day.

Here’s photos from today.

Mt. Goode, you can see a glacier coming down on the right side. Mt Goode is about 11,000 ft, she’s a big’em

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak up close

A peak many many miles off, all covered in snow and quite pointy

Mt. POW, East and West Twin Peaks

Image at 1680

Mt. POW up close

Image at 1680

’til next time

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