Few more photos

Posting a few more photos from yesterday, yes, I took a shit load.
Something sort of new for me is that I’m getting interested in the wild flowers of the area. I guess I really didn’t pay much attention to them back in Michigan. I did have some interest, I just think that I grew up with them, that I didn’t care what they were. A number of the flowers and plants here are different, and so I guess it has peaked my interest. I enjoy learning new things, mainly nature wise. Thankfully, Jan has a degree in horticulture, and that helps out with all the plants and flowers around.

On to the photos from yesterday. One note, most of these, and those posted yesterday, were taken above 2000 ft, above the tree line.

More back country views

A distant waterfall

Beaver pond, close-up. There are quite a few beaver ponds around, all very simular to this.

More wild flowers

Another Lupine

On the drive home, I took a right on a side road, and came across this Russian Orthodox Church

One last photo from this afternoon at Wasilla Lake Park. Yes, swimming season in here in Alaska.

’til next time

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