Random Statements ‘n Wild Flowers

So the past few days have been hotter than hell, almost hitting 90*F yesterday. Today, we only got up to 61*F with cloudy skies, though it’s starting to clear up now at about 7:30pm. I’m blaming Linda and Toby from MI for the cooler, cloudy weather, they must have brought it with them.

Not really much else going on right now, been a slow week with work in all. I am looking forward to the weekend, all 4 days of it. Jan and I both took Monday and Tuesday off, that’s when Linda and Toby should be stopping by as they travel the Great Land, Alaska. I also hope to get out and do a bit of hiking with the dogs come Saturday.

Other then that, and night fall never falling, light all night long, not much else.

Here are a few photos of some of the wild flowers around the house.

Not sure what this is, anyone know?

Dog Rose

Lilac, not really a wild flower, but still in the yard.

’til next time

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