Jeep Work

Today was the day to get some badly needed work done on the Jeep. I haven’t had an oil change, or anything else for that matter, since before we left Michigan. I changed the oil and plugs, lubed all the grease zerks, and rotated the tires. The tires really needed it, I was getting some good shake, almost death wobble, while driving between 45 and 50. After taking it for a drive, the wobble seems to be gone, Yay. The next thing I need to do is change the fluid in front and rear differentials. I changed the oil weight this time to 5W-30 instead of 10W-30, this should help with the cold we get here come winter. I changed over to Moble 1 years ago, first oil change after I bought the Jeep back in ’98.

Hope to get out for some photos the next 2 days. Linda and Toby will be here Monday and Tuesday, think we’ll be taking them up to Hatcher Pass.

We are still hunting for a car for Jan, so I haven’t had much time to get out and about to take photos.
Here are a couple from a day or so ago with the rain.

’til next time

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  1. Great blog you’ve got here! It’s interesting to see how nature changes from winter to summer. I think I have to give Alaska a visit some time!

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