Jan’s New Car and A Visit From Linda and Toby

At last, Jan has a new car! After weeks of searching, we’ve ended up back to where we begain, at the Ford dealer, Kendall Ford. Jan now has a new Ford Focus ZX4. I can not say enough about the great people at Kendall, they worked their butts off to get us into this car. Our credit is pretty crappy, though everything is payed off, so they had to work extra hard at getting us a loan. By the way, they are still working on improving the figures for the loan, but the car is ours, Jan’s, either way. We will return to Kendall again for our next car, without a doubt.

Monday Linda and Toby came by for the late afternoon and night. The weather was great here at home, but when we started heading up to Hatcher Pass, the thunderstorms came rolling through. We went up to Hatcher Pass area an Independence Mine for a bit, got damp, and came back to cook up dinner. It was great seeing both of them again, just wish they could have stayed longer. They did say that they may be able to come back up in late September though.

I have some more photos to post tomorrow.

Jan’s New Ford Focus ZX4

Earlier in the day Monday

The bunch on our back deck. It was about 80*F at this time.

The group heading into Independence Mine

Thunderstorm over Matanuska River

’til next time

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