More Photos

Yeah, just a few more photos from this past Saturday up in Archangel Valley.

Not really much going on today, just another work day.

Jan has been busy getting ready for Alex, one of her sons, and his friend arriving later Wednesday evening. I am looking forward to showing them some of the area, Alex enjoys seeing and experiencing new things.

Pond on the high side of the Talkeetna Gold Mine Dam

These last two of the pond are from about 300 feet above, looking down

This was on my way back down the road, looks like a storm is on it’s way, and it was.

Another random view

Talkeetna Mine shaft

Couple more views from about 4300 feet

A creek above 4000 feet

Not sure what kind of plant/flower this is, but thought it was cool how it was wrapping it self around the rock

’til next time

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