Just Photos From Today

I’m not going to go into the problems we had, maybe later, picking up Alex and Ian from the airport in Anchorage. Alex is Jan’s son from England and Ian is Alex’s friend from Scotland. They will be staying with us for a couple months. Today I took them for a quick trip up into Hatcher Pass, then in Archangel Valley. We didn’t get going until later in the afternoon due to how the night before went, up ’til almost 2 AM, that’s part of the airport pickup problem.

Anyway, here are some photos from the day. They really did enjoy themselves out hiking about.

Parasailing in Hatcher Pass

View looking back

Alex and Ian, Hatcher Pass

Alex and Ian Archangel Valley

Alex and Ian looking down from 4300 FT


Wild flowers

Couple of daisies

’til next time

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