Bit Of A Hike

Going to make this a short one, I think.
Yesterday I went out to hike a trail I had hiked a little bit the other day, it looked busy so I drove by. I continued on up to Hatcher Pass, down the Willow side, but as I was heading down, I saw pond up on the mountain side, that’s where I headed. It was really quite a nice hike up along side of Bullion Mountain. Crossed a few small creeks, squishy tundra type ground, on to an overlook of the Susitna Valley. I let the dogs run around as I sat and just took it all in, what a wonderful spot.

Here are the photos from yesterday, some at least.

Hatcher Pass Road, Willow side

Hatcher Pass Road again – look close in the upper right, you can see some people parasailing

Some Cirrocumulus Clouds

Looking into the sun, rivers on the mountain side across the valley

Lookng down the Susitna Valley


Looking up before the climb

A little Marmot watching me

The pond I was heading for

Looking back at the pond

Wiilow Creek Valley

Parasailing at Hatcher Pass

Looking down on the way back

Star Gentian

Sitka Burnet

’til next time

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