Another Saturday With The Dogs

I really didn’t know where to go today on my Saturday outting with the dogs, so, we headed back up to the Hatcher Pass area to explore some other areas. We drove up from the Willow side, Willow-Fishhook Rd. The road is self is in need of some repair, but I have to say, it’s a wonderful drive and well worth the extra time driving to Willow to start. Before you really get up into the mountains, the drive, and the road it self, reminds me a lot of the UP of Michigan, mainly in the Keweenaw Peninsula. There are lots of spots to pull off along side Willow Creek. We stopped a couple times, then went up into Willow Creek Valley. Parked at the base of where Kelly-Willow Mine is/was and hiked up and up. The mine is still open, not blocked off, so if you wanted to, you could explore inside. I didn’t, just a few feet. The view from up there is great though, and I found a nice waterfall cascading down the mountain side. After playing in that area, time was getting short, we headed home along the remander of Hatcher Pass. I did make one more stop so the dogs could get a drink, then headed home.

I just wish I had a day off during the week, instead of the weekend, so that I could explore around without all the people around.

Todays photos, in no order what so ever. I have quite a few more that I will post in the coming days.

Waterfall above Kelly-Willow Gold Mine

Alaska Cotton Grass

Atop Kelly-Willow Mine


A peek inside Kelly-Willow Mine (Prospect)

Not sure what this is/was, but it’s at the base of the mine

Random views

Looking down at the Matanuska Valley

Wild Flowers

Mossy Quartz

’til next time

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