Rainy Day House Viewing

Was quite a rainy day, well, most the day, so I grabbed Alex and we headed out to look at a couple house I saw listed for rent. Both places were out in the Big Lake area. So the first house I did have my doubts on, but yikes, I didn’t think it would be this bad. The first clue was in the ad, it said that the house was not locked, so just go on in and check it out…hmm, unlocked rental. The place was a shit hole, and it smelled so bad I don’t think a homeless person would sleep in it. I think the owner owes me one months rent, $800, just for going in the place. Needless to say, that place is out. The next place was just down the road a bit. It did look like a nice little house, but it was just too damn close to the other homes in the area, I mean within feet. So, the hunt continues…

On the drive back I decided to take Alex on a back road, Burma Rd, from Big Lake to KGB Rd. Was a nice drive. On the way back on KGB, we stopped a couple times for the views, then headed home.

Looking across the Knik Arm

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

Image at 1680

View of the Palmer Hay Flats

Decided to add a photo of the first, umm, house. It really is much worst then what it looks in the photos.

Ad: 4 bd rm house 2,5story 800 per month +electric and wood heat i can cut wood cheap for you if u want 1st last and last 500 deposit ready to move in looking for long term renters has ladder going to top floor loft drive down big lk rd turn on beaver lk rd go 1 mile turn rt on ryans creek rd go 1mile turn left on drowsy dr 1st house on rt 14495 drowsy dr the door is unlocked go on in look do not email me i wont answer call me.

’til next time

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