Dogsled Pass

So we, the dogs and I, headed out Saturday morning to do some hiking. I thought about Government Peak, thought about archangel Valley again, but nether sounded right to me. So we headed to Craigie Creek Valley to climb all the way up to Dogsled Pass. Last time I was in this valley I turned around before making it to the top, this time I went the distance. My plan was to do a little hiking and then head over to a co-worker’s house, Amanda, for a gathering she was having for us on the relay team at Freddies. I didn’t make it. My timing was about right to do the hike and head to the party. Even as I was up at the pass, I looked at my watch, thought, great, lots of time to get there, I should head back.

It didn’t work out as I had hoped. As I was coming down I keep running into people asking me questions and wanting info on all sorts of things. One of the questions was; “How do I get out of here? I need to get back to Anchorage.” Now that one took some time to explain. Another was the two guys in a nice shiny new full size pick-up truck. Like they had any chance in hell of making it up the “road” to even get near to the foot path. Ha, and to think they asked if I saw any Black Bear up there. Well, if there was any bear up there around the pass, they would be damn skinny! There is hardly any grass in that area, let alone anything that a bear could suvive on. Oh, guess there is water.

Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t make it to our work gathering. Now I have to explain it Monday morning, this should be interesting.

Here are my photos from Dogsled Pass. It’s a hard area to take photos, the sun seems to always be in the way, it’s at the top of a north/south valley.

These photo are shown in no order what-so-ever, very random.

This is an image taken from 4 vertical shots combined. Facing north into the end of Purches Creek Valley

Another, just a single image.

Looking back into Craigie Creek Valley

Heading up. The lower bit is where I heading.

Me at the top. Background is Craigie Creek Valley. OK, so it’s a bad shot, so what.

Here’s an old cabin with a very new mining claim sign on it.

Tarn at Dogsled Pass.

Three more tarns at the edge of Purches Creek Valley

I’ll be mosting more…

’til next itme

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