Road Trip to Seward

We, Jan, Alex, and myself, spent the day, Saturday, driving to Seward and back. We needed a little road trip. The weather wasn’t the best, overcast with rain every now and then, but with it being cloudy, it really is the best time for the fall colors.

We made quite a few stops on the way down to view the scenery, it’s really beautiful in the Kenai. The mountains to start with are more rolling with heavy forest, then as you get deeper in, the peaks get much higher and more pointed. The rivers and lakes are great, no homes to pollute the views, unlike up here in the Mat-Su. Also, there isn’t as much, not anywhere near, as much traffic, fewer people, nicer lodges and restaurants. Really, in my eyes, it’s just a much nicer area. I think we will be moving down to the Kenai, when we’re able to, in a year or two.

Drove around Seward, saw a Sea Otter along the shore, stopped for lunch at Thorn’s Lounge, then headed off to Exit Glacier. Took the short walk up, about one mile, to the glacier, walked around, shot photos, and headed back down to the parking lot. On the way down, we stopped along the river, as I was looking at all the wonderful scenery I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye of something. I turned, and there it was, a nice Black Bear just on the other side of the river. Alex got a good photo of the bear as it headed off into the bushes. I told a couple I saw back in the parking lot about the bear, thinking they might want to see it, but they were sort of freaked out about it, oh well, maybe they should go home then.

Something else I saw as we were driving, two-tracks, remote back roads, and I don’t mean ATV trails. That is something else I don’t see up here in the Meth laden, crime filled, over populated, Wasilly Land, at least very little of.

Damn, we should have went with plan A and not plan B. Oh well, we are here and now have time to search out the proper spot to make “out home”. One thing I do know, when we were down in the Kenai area, I did feel more at home. Time will only tell if that is the spot or not.

That pretty much topped off the day, and we headed back home.

Views and Colors

Black Bear at Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier

Jan being a smartass at the Glacier 🙂

Alaska Railroad

Sea Otter in Seward

One of the signs heading out of Seward

’til next time

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  1. Thanks for this entry. We debarked at Seward on our cruise and boarded the train for the first leg of our land tour. This brought back such lovely memories. I want to be back there.

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