Winter’s On It’s Way

Yeah, it sure is starting to feel and look like winter is soon to be showing it’s ugly head. YAY! 🙂
Really, I’m looking foreward to winter.
Anyway, headed out today around noon with the dogs, was cloudy and spits of rain, stopped to get gas and just then it started to clear. As I type this I can hardly find a cloud in the sky, though while I was out, there still were clouds, but still very nice. We headed up for Hatcher Pass, but shit, the road to the summit was closed for the season, missed it by 2 days. Not sure of were to go then, I headed back down below the snow line to a small parking area. We got out and started climbing, climbing up to the snow. From there the dogs and I just wandered around a bit, took some photos, and headed back down.

I needed to go to Three Bears for some dog food, but on the way I stopped at a little pull-off above the Matanuska River. Some great views can be had from this spot. There was a Bald Eagle sitting down on the river’s side, that was cool. I left there, got dog food and went home. Not a bad day’s outing. I hope tomorrow’s weather is like it is now.

Little Susitna River

Some views from our walk near Hatcher Pass

Views from above Matanuska River

Knik Glacier

Obscured by Clouds

’til next time

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