Time Flies

Yes it sure does. Time flew by so fast this week that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t posted in a week, yikes. Been busy as shit at work. Time is winding down on the remodel, we have 2 weeks until grand opening. I’ve spent the whole last week working, sorting, lifting, fork lifting MPU (Merchandise Pickup). I thought I could have the job done in just a couple days, they all laughed, and justifiably, it took me all damn week. On the good side of working back there, I didn’t have to work up front and was able to work with “my plan”, not someone elses. All turned out great. You have no idea of how many kudos I got for doing what I did and how great it looked, though I’m sure now that I’m done it will get trashed. I was told once that what I had completed normally take about a month, not just one week. Well, let me tell ya, I sure as hell feel it! My whole upper body is either stiff or just plain in pain.

So anyway, as I said this job is about to end in about two weeks, BUT, I’m staying on and will be working in the Photo / Electronics Department. I’ll tell ya, when I was doing the remodel for that department I though there needed to be more people that cared and really worked, well, here I come. This is right up my allley, photos, computers, music and all the goodies to go with.

Then comes today, yes, Satuday, the day to be out with the dogs. Was a bit chilly this morning, low of 23F, so we headed out ’round 11 (I think) to hike up “The Butte”. It’s a fairly easy hike up but for a couple areas. One thing though, who is the braindead, never been hiking, pavement walking, dumbshit that thought those rubber grate thingies would be a good idea? You know what I’m talking about, those honeycomb shaped slippery ass pieces of crap that are put on the trail to, get this, better footing. Yeah right. If there is a hazard on this trial up the Butte, it those damn mats. You can’t walk on them without slipping and falling either on your face or ass, depending on if you’re going up or down. It’s no wonder that most people walk just to the side of these shit catches. End Bitch.

The view from the Butte is just fricking wonderful, though today I think I was a bit too early, there was still lots of haze/fog on the air. You could even see “The Big One”, Denali, today. I’m still working on the photos from today, but here are a few.

View from The Butte, Knik Glacier

During my walk-about on The Butte

’till next time

Hello and wishing you well, to all those that keep in contact with me back in Michigan. 🙂

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  1. Hey Ed,
    Sounds like there are good times to be had up there. I’ve been out communing with nature myself this last week. My kid drew an elk permit, so we have been trying to find those fuckers over in the pigeon river area. It is not a fun sport. Take all of the bad things about deer hunting and roll them into every hunt. Too many people, not enough animals, have to sit and be quiet, animals aren’t moving… It has been a harrowing experience. I’m definitely not going to quit my job to be an elk guide. I would starve to death!

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