Week One Down

Yessiree, my first week on the new job is done. Feels damn good to. All-in-all, the week went quite well, a few off moments, but mostly things went very well. On my first day, I found out later, I was “secret shopped”, it’s where someone comes in acting like a regular customer and tests to see if the employee(s) are serving the customer the way they should. Well, like I said, I found this out later, a few days later, that I received a perfect shop, best in the district, for my department, I guess. I don’t know, I was just doing what and how I know, easy really, damn easy. No matter what, just glad the first week is over and that I’m getting into the groove of things there. Got a nice raise out of moving to this department also. We figure that with the lack of taxes, about the same cost of food and things as Michigan (some less, some more), and all other totaled up, we are now back to about what we were making in Michigan. Even our damn rent is about the same as our mortgage payment was. It took just over a year, but things are really starting to look good.

Ah, on to better things, I have another 3 day weekend! I just wish there was some damn snow on the ground. We might see snow next week, might. I really do plan on getting out this weekend with the dogs. The touristons, tourist plus moron, are all but gone, so I’m hoping I can go to some places I haven’t been to in a few months. Yeah, guess I’ll see about that.

Guess that’s it.

’til next time

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  1. Hiya Ed… glad to read things are working out.

    That was the plan all along, right ?

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