5 Days

I have 5 days off, started yesterday and goes through Monday 25th. We’re a bit slower now at work so hours have been cut back. For some, way back, like from 40 hours a week down to only around 10 hours. Myself, well, when I was hired, I was hired as full time, not part time as most are, so my hours can’t dip below 32 per week. That’s where I’m at now, only my days off for this week and next are running concurrently. Quite nice really. There are those that are a bit pissed off at me because they think I’m sucking up some of their hours. Well, maybe they should have changed from part-time to full-time.

So what am I doing with my time off? Not really too much. Yesterday I stayed home with Jan, she had the day off also, and didn’t do much of anything. Today I headed out with the dogs to Hatcher Pass, Hatcher Pass Proper. It’s about a two mile climb of 1000 feet to the Summit Lake area and Hatcher Pass. Was a beautiful day, nice sunny skies with a high of around 10

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