Hay Flats Wander

Got up quite early this morning, ’round 5 AM, with Jan. She headed off to work, I sat down and soon I was back asleep. After waking up again, I worked the kinks out from sleeping in my chair and headed for the shower. After starting a bit of laundry, I grabbed the dogs and we head for the Palmer Hay Flats.

Lazy Mountain through Hoarfrost

Mountains thru Hoarfrost 012410.01.1024

Moon view

Moon View 012410.01.1024

Just random views

Views 012410.01.1024

Views 012410.02.1024

Cottonwood Creek

Cottonwood Creek 012410.01.1024


Hoarfrost 012410.01.1024

Hoarfrost 012410.02.1024

Obscured by fog

Obscured by fog 012410.01.1024

Looking across Cook Inlet

Across The Inlet 012410.01.1024

Another very large panorama of the Hay Flats

Hay Flats Pano 012410.01.1680

’til next time

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