Winter Driving

One Hundred Six ditch divers today. That’s 106 drivers that don’t have a clue about driving in winter. As I type this the time is 6:32 PM, so I’m sure the ditch diver count will go up, but as of now it’s 106 drivers that felt they just had to drive either too fast, changing lanes too quick, on their damn cell phone, what ever. I have never, in my 32 years of driving, (that’s not my age, it’s really is the number of years I have been driving legally), seen so many clueless drivers. Being in Alaska you would think that people would know how to drive on snowy/icy roads, but no, get a few inches of fresh snow and boom, there they go, driving like assholes.

And, this is a big AND, there really isn’t much of a winter here in South Central Alaska. Some will tell you that the winters here are very hard, well, to those I say, move to the lower 48, choose a state along the Canadian border, and see if you can hack it. By the way, there is more snow down there so you might want to call a taxi if you want to leave the house, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and be the only one in the ditch.

Guess I could go on for quite some time on this, but wont.


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