Frosty Root Beer and Moose

Well, not together, the Moose and root beer that is.

First about Frosty Root Beer. In my opinion one of, if not the best root beer around. Now here’s the thing. I haven’t seen Frosty in years back in Michigan. I would drive by all these little old party store with the Frosty Root Beer sign outside, stop in and ask if they had any. No was always the answer. Frosty was nowhere to be found. Now I’m in Alaska with a nice cold Frosty Root Beer in my hands. Here’s the odd thing about all this, Frosty in bottled in Detroit Michigan! I also have some other yummy soda’s in my fridge. Soda from my childhood like Apple Beer, Cheerwine, and now Frosty. Yum!

Our yard moose, young bull, is back for another romp with Eli, one of our dogs. He comes by, stays for a few days, then off again until next week.

Moose 030610.01.1024

Moose 030610.02.1024

Moose 030610.03.1024

Moose 030610.04.1024

’til next time

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