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Time has flown by again on me. Number of things are going on or have happened.

The other day on my way home from work I was waiting at a traffic light and I heard sirens coming. They were getting closer so I waited with everyone else at the light. Soon the was a pick-up truck coming across the intersection, it looked to be pulling over in my direction. Wrong! This truck is what all the sirens were about. A chase! I was stopped along the curb side of the road and as the truck pasted, just missing me, it bangs into the curb, tires blowing and flying off the rims. The driver kept going, sparks flying from the now bear rims. At least 5 police cars were chasing him down. He then plows over a street sign on his way up the road, but keeps going on his now beat up truck. Here is a link to the chase; Driver faces several charges after leading police chase.

Something else I found interesting, and funny at the same time.
Moose-wolf encounter pins Kenai tourists.

Today I headed out with the dogs for a hike on this wonderful warm spring day. We went out to the Jim Lake area. Parked the Jeep and hiked up this ridge I’ve been wanting to explore for some time now.

Jim Lake, Chugach Mountains, and Knik Glacier on the far left.

Jim Lake 040970.01.1024

Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier 040910.01.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak 040910.01.1024

A peek through the trees

Peek through the trees 040910.01.1024

Willow Blossoms

Willow Blossoms 040910.01.1024

Couple Swans down on mostly frozen Jim Lake

Swans 040910.01.1024

Some Mountain Goats off on a distant mountain side.

Goats 040910.01.1024

A Butterfly I chased down. This is a Milbert’s Tortoiseshell Butterfly (Nymphalis Milberti).

Moth 040910.01.1024

Moose chewed tree

Moose chewed tree 040910.01.1024

Wind bent trees

Wind bent trees 040910.01.1024

Wind bent trees 040910.02.1024

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