Sun ‘n Clouds

Headed out today to get a cutter for Coax cable, I need to run cable to a couple places in the house. Found what I was looking for at Home Depot. Though later, after working with it for quite some time, I found that it only does half the job I need it to. Now I guess I’ll just have to rig something up to finish the job.

Anyway, it was such a beautiful day, with mostly sunny skies and nice puffy clouds, and I needed gas (I can get cheap gas at the Fred Meyer gas station), I headed over to Palmer to get some photos before heading to the old house. After some photo taking, I headed to the house for another load to haul to the new place.

Matanuska River Views 042310.01.1024

Matanuska River Views 042310.02.1024 

Matanuska River 042310.01.1024

Pioneer Peak 042310.01.1024

Matanuska River 042310.02.1024

Matanuska River 042310.03.1024

Matanuska River Views 042310.03.1024 

View with Raven 042310.01.1024 

Clift Side 042310.01.1024


I sure miss you all at LTBB. Wish you were here.

’til next time

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    we miss you tooo hugs to you

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