Turning Green

Well last night, guess it was really this morning, I worked a graveyard shift, 1am to 9:30am. This isn’t a normal thing, just once in a great while, but when I got out of work, instead of going to sleep, I headed out with the dogs for a bit. We headed over to Palmer then Jim Lake area. Last time I was there snow was still on the ground. Today though, all the snow was gone and all the ice was off the lakes. I was too tired to do much hiking about, so I just found a nice spot and took in the view.

Things are really greening up around here. With some rain a few days ago, every bud is a poppin’.

If you watch the weather here with my station, you’ll notice the temps are off. I’m having some issues.

Looking over Jim Lake

Green Popping 050710.01.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak 050710.01.1024

Pioneer Peak 050710.02.1024

Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier 050710.01.1024

The start of something very prickly.

Prickly Beginnings 050710.01.1024

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