Goose Bay – Dumping Grounds of The Mat-Su

Garbage, trash, unwanted cars, refrigerators, washers, driers, you name it, Goose Bay has it. Why I ask? Why the fuck can’t people just take their stuff to the transfer station? Can’t afford it? Get a fucking job! Too lazy? Well you sure worked hard at getting to where it is now. Or maybe you are just simply one big fucking dirt bag that is wasting my air, and all others that care about where they live. You sure the fuck don’t! You, the ones that are pitching all this crap, why don’t you just put a gun to your head. At lease something might eat you, nothing sure the fuck can’t eat anything you all have been throwing out.

And NO, this was not the only area I saw this. Every, and I mean EVERY, trail/dirt road I turned on had dumping grounds. Not only dumping grounds, but shit littered all along the roads. These motherfuckers have no right breathing air. It’s not just one or two either. there are lots of you assholes.

I only took this one picture of the shit I saw today. A beautiful beach that some ass licking fuck wads ruined.

Junk 050810.02.1024

Junk 050810.01.1024

Here is a Google image showing the dump at the end of Goose Bay airstrip.

View Larger Map

’til next time, and a more pleasant one

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