Something More Pleasant / The Rest of The Day

After leaving the dump ground of Goose Bay I head out toward Point MacKenzie. The area is a nice pleasant farming area. I was looking for a road, or trail, that would lead me to the south side of Point MacKenzie, but never found it. I took a couple side roads that lead past some quite nice ranches and farm lands. There were some great views of Susitna Mountain and Mt. Spurr. Mt Spurr is a stratovolcano in the Aleutian Volcanic Arc. Didn’t get any photos of the two together though, just Mt Spurr and Mt Susitna / Sleeping Lady by them selves.

Anchorage from Point MacKenzie

Anchorage 050810.01.1024

How about some mud? Tide is out so the mud flats show up.

Mt Spurr in the top right corner.

Mud 050810.01.1024

Anchorage in the far distance

Mud 050810.02.1024

When will it fall?

Tree on Clift 050810.01.1024

Couple lousy shots of Mt Spurr then Mt Susitna/Sleeping Lady

Mt Spurr 050810.01.1024

Mt Susitna 050810.01.1024

I have more to post from today and yesterday, but.

’til next time

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