Drive Out The Glenn

So today I took a drive out the Glenn. I haven’t gone out past Sutton in 2 years. The weather held out most the trip, but snows a bit on my way back near King Mountain. On the way out I took a turn that looked interesting. This road lead me to Bonnie Lake, and what a nice little lake it is.

Bonnie Lake. Still iced over due to it being at about 3000FT.

Bonnie Lake 051310.01.1024

Bonnie Lake 051310.02.1024

Sign at the start of Bonnie Lake Rd.

Road sign to Bonnie Lake 051310.01.1024

Matanuska River with King Mountain

Matanuska River King Mountain 051310.01.1024

Matanuska River King Mountain 051310.02.1024

King Mountain

Matanuska River King Mountain 051310.03.1024

Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier 051310.01.1024

Matanuska Glacier 051310.03.1024

Matanuska Glacier 051310.02.1024

Views along the drive on The Glenn

Glen Hwy Views 051310.01.1024

Glen Hwy Views 051310.02.1024 

Glen Hwy Views 051310.03.1024

Glen Hwy Views 051310.04.1024

Glen Hwy Views 051310.06.1024 

Glen Hwy Views 051310.05.1024

Glen Hwy Views 051310.07.1024

Glen Hwy Views 051310.08.1024

Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain 051310.01.1024 Sheep Mountain 051310.02.1024

Sign explaining the colors of Sheep Mountain.

Sheep Mountain Sign 051310.01.1024

Now a quite large Pano of Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain Pano 051310.01.1680

’til next time

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