Quick Walk Around The Hay Flats

I didn’t plan on doing much today. The weather called for mostly cloudy with rain showers. So.when I got up I looked outside and saw the wonderful warm sun. Grabbed the dogs and headed out to the Palmer Hay Flats. We didn’t stay out there long, just wanted to get some photos and let the dogs have a run. Besides, it’s a wet land and you really can’t walk all that far anyway. Spent about an hour there then headed back home to do some laundry.

Today at the Palmer Hay Flats

Hay Flats 051510.01.1024

Hay Flats 051510.02.1024

Hay Flats 051510.03.1024

Hawk looking for food.

Hawk 051510.01.1024

Better watch out, the Sheriff is out on patrol. Mayberry RFD. 🙂

Sheriff Car 051510.02.1024

And for fun.

Sheriff Car BW 051510.01.1024

Willow Buds

Willow Buds 051510.01.1024

More buds.

Buds 051510.01.1024

’til next time

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