Just a Word…or Two

To Roger Emery back in MI.

How you ever thought you were a network engineer is beyond me. You were, and I sure still is, the most incompetent, worthless piece of skin I have ever met in my life.

You have no idea how many photos I have of you sleeping at your desk, yes sleeping, even snoring at times. About 90% of all your so called completed work needed to be redone and fixed because your too stupid to look up the correct way of doing things. You really are one worthless, lazy, stupid, incompetent fuck.

The following is a post from Mr. Dickcheese Roger on another forum. The dumb ass can’t even spell.

“Seems like things have gone from bad to worse. Of course you do not know what is going on outside of the REDARROW because now you can’t even find the minutes of tribal council meeting. It was bad enough when that lazy Ed Nephler sat on his lazy butt and did nothing and now that I’m gone Tracy is still apparently stting on his butt doing nothing and probrable working Nathan Wright like a dog so he can’t hardly get anything posted. Thank you Warren Petoskey for REDARROW and thank you Tamara for maintaining it. ummmm I wonder how much better things would be if Warren was tribal chair. A WHOLE LOT BETTER!!!”


  1. Eddie,
    You two look so natural up there, i think you finally found where you belong. As you know, my son jay has taken a temporary position that was vacated by “SLEEP HOLLOW” and will wait to see if they hire him full time at the end of the summer.
    As for me, i retired last november and am enjoying it so far.
    Good luck
    remember the old days

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