First Climb of The Year

Headed up to Hatcher Pass with the dogs today, hmm, no one else to go with I guess, mainly to see if it was open yet. Yes it is! Drove up to Summit Lake, and low and behold, no one was there, Yay. I have always driven by due to way too many people around the lake. So anyway, we jumped out of the Jeep, well mostly the dogs did the jumping, and took a nice walk around the lake. It’s really no big deal, very pretty, but I doubt I’ll stop again.

After walking around Summit Lake I headed back down the Pass to park at a spot I’ve been to a few times. This area is right at the entrance to Hatcher Pass proper. There is a nice steep ridge to the side that I have climbed about half way before. This time I made it to the top, and what a great place that is. Once on top of the ridge it flattens out a bit making for some really nice walking, and the views are amazing. I could have gone up even further, but I wasn’t prepared for a hike to that extent. After taking it all in for a while it was time to head home.

Looking down at Hatcher Pass Lodge

Lookin down at hatcher pass lodge 062510.01.1024

View from the climb

Hike Views 062510.01.1024


Hike Views 062510.03.1024

Hike Views 062510.04.1024

Hike Views 062510.05.1024

One the climb up. Hatcher Pass Lodge and Road

On the way up 062510.01.1024

Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek 062510.01.1024

Mountain Creek 062510.02.1024

Ross Avens

Ross Avens 062510.01.1024

’til next time
Ed ‘n da Dogs

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