Lazy Day, I Guess

Not doing much of anything today. This may be the first day that I have had off so far this summer that it has been completely overcast with clouds, and low hanging clouds at that. This suits  me just fine, haven’t had a day to just hang around in ages. Maddie is at her BF’s, and Jan is, well, I don’t know, out, so, it’s just me a the dogs. That seems to be the norm now. At least I have the dogs. And my photos give me something to do.

I’m having a tough time. Just not sure what to do.

Made a pot of chili a few hours ago, just don’t feel like eating.

Here are a few more photos from yesterday.

Hike Views 062510.08.1024

Mountain Creek 062510.03.1024

Hike Views 062510.07.1024

BTW .  The new Ozzy Osbourne, Scream, album ROCKS!


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  1. you can always come back and visit all the people who miss you soo much

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