Do Nothing Day

Woke up this morning thinking I’d do a bit a grocery shopping then just stick around the house. That just didn’t happen. I headed out to do the shopping, but the weather was so nice I thought I’d take a “quick” trip down to the Palmer Hay Flats. Well after walking a path along Cottonwood Creek, I’ve never walked this trail before, for about an hour I realized I needed to head back and get the shopping done. So much for doing nothing, a 2 hour walk along a creek of nothing. I’ll be back to walk this further another time with the dogs.

After shopping I cleaned out the Jeep a bit, mostly just trash that needed to be tossed. I also sized up a mounting place on the roof for my Gerrycan, found a perfect tight spot next to the spare tire. I wanted to see if the Gerrycan could be mounted on the roof for my up coming trip of 5 days down to the Kenai Peninsula. I headed down there for a bit of a get-away July 28 – August 1. Really looking forward to this, I just hope I’ll have enough money, if not, I’ll have to cut it short by a couple days.

Some photos from the Hay Flats today.

Looking across the Flats with some Lenticular clouds.

Palmer Hay Flats 070810.01.1024

Palmer Hay Flats 070810.02.1024

Looks like it might be stormy Anchorage way.

Palmer Hay Flats 070810.03.1024

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 070810.01.1024

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 070810.02.1024

Fireweed and Northern Yarrow

Fireweed and Northern Yarrow 070810.01.1024

Squirreltail Grass

Squirreltail Grass 070810.01.1024

’til next time

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