The weather of late has been sort of crappy, overcast with bit of light rain here and there. Summer started out really nice, highs in the 70’s and at times in the 80’s with lots of sunny skies. All that has changed. For the past couple weeks cloudy with light rain as been the norm.

The funny thing about all this is what they call rain up here. Yesterday it rained a good part of the day, steady but light rain, nothing very hard at all. Now on the weather forecast last night they were calling it heavy rain with receiving 1/2 inch for the day. That is not what I would call heavy rain, not in the least. Heavy rain is getting 1 -2 inches in an hour, not 1/2 inch all day. The weather here, at least in the two years I’ve been here, has been quite uneventful, summer and winter, not what I’m use to anyway.

Yesterday I headed out to do some shopping, but on the way I headed out to Reflections Lake for a short walk.

Some photos from yesterday.


Fireweed 072010.01.1024

Fireweed 072010.04.1024

Fireweed 072010.05.1024

Fireweed 072010.06.1024

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak 072001.01.1024

View over the lake

Reflection Lake View 072010.01.1024

Reflection Lake View 072010.02.1024


Ducks 072010.01.1024

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