Day 2 – Hope to Homer to Nikiski

Feeling like crap with a summer cold. Hope to get out tomorrow and get some fresh air.

I had a nice dialog going for this post but my damn editor crashed on me and I lost all that was written. Now I don’t feel like writing it again.

Looking out my tent windows in the morning.

Tent Window View 073010.01.1024

Tent Window View 073010.02.1024

Stormy looking Skilak Lake

Stormy Skilak Lake 073010.01.1024

Ninilchik Russian Orthodox Church

Ninilchik Russian Orthodox Church 073010.01.1024

Ninilchik Russian Orthodox Church 073010.02.1024

Ninilchik Russian Orthodox Church 073010.03.1024


Ninilchik 073010.01.1024

Homer Spit Beach. Cool place but way too touristy.

Homer Spit Beach 073010.01.1024

Homer Spit Beach 073010.02.1024

Homer small boat harbor

Homer Small Boat Harbor 073010.01.1024

The Spit from East End Rd.

Homer Spit 073010.01.1024

Gertie on Kachemak Bay. This was at the very end of East End Rd then down a very tight switch back trail that dropped 600 ft that you would swear was straight down.

Gertie at Kachemak Bay 073010.01.1024

’til next time

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